Hotels' custumers research

My name is Aiste. Now I am writing my bachelor thesis, the topic is: „Hotels' customers analysis“. With relation to my bachelor thesis i am doing RESEARCH OF hotels customers. Thank you very much for your help!!!! If you can, please send this link to your friends, it would help me very much!! ...........NOTES- ------ -PLEASE when you end filling questionnaire- press at the end GERAI (in Lithuanian it means GOOD), your questionnaire will be submitted!
2. In which country were you staying in hotel?
4. Was that your first visit to this country?
5. What was/were your reason for staying in this hotel?
6. What were your reasons for visiting this country?
7. Where did you get information about the country before coming here?
8. Was that your first stay in this hotel?
9. Could you describe why you chose this hotel?
Variety of facilities
Hotel location
Level of service
Image and trustiness of hotel
Special Events that are held at the hotel
Recommended by a friend/relative
11. Could you rank your level of satisfaction with the following hotel services?
Car parking
Safe services
Car rental
Paying by credit card
Internet services
Relaxation services
Entertainment services
Organization of conferences and seminars
Organization of cultural performances
Telephone, photocopying, fax
Post office service
Interpreter or translator service
Currency Exchange office
Ironing, washing, cleaniing services
Hairdresser shop for men and women
Room service
12. What kind of services could attract more hotel customers?
14. Would you like to stay again?
15. Who made the reservation?
16. Mostly you travel with:
17. How often do you stay in hotels?
18. How many days do you usually spend in a hotel?
19. What type of hotel best describes where you typically stay during travel?
20. Which hotel location do you prefer?
21. Which type of traveller is most similar to you?
22. How you would describe your attitude to prices?
23. To which group of people do you belong?
24. Which type of traveller is most suited to you?
25. What is your gender?
26. Which age category are you in?
27. Please, select your academic degree.
28. What is your professional position?
29. What industry best describes the company that you work for?
30. Your marital status:
31. Your family consists of:
32. Do you have any children?
33. What is the age of your youngest child?
34. To which group of status and holding incomes you would class your family?

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