What is your gender?
Are you interested in modern technologies in medicine?
What applications of robotics in medicine do you know?
Which of the following advantages of robots in medicine do you find to be the most important? (more than one available)
Have you ever been treated for a certain disease by a method where robotics was involved?
Would you like to have some kind of medical procedure (e.g. blood test, tissue regeneration) made by a robot or a nanorobot?
Would you mind to have treatment (e.g. surgery) made by a robot instead of a doctor or medical personnel?
How much are you willing to pay for treatment with modern technologies, compared to the price of treatment in a common way (with therapist, medical personnel, etc.)
Since robotics in medicine is a rather new field of technology, what are your predictions for its future?
Do you think that robots could completely replace doctors in the future?
When could it happen?

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