Research of Lithuanian Image

My name is Karolina. Now I am writing my master thesis, the topic is: „Tourism in Lithuania“. With relation to my master thesis i am doing RESEARCH OF LITHUANIAN IMAGE. With the help of this research i would like to found out, what should be done in order to increase number of tourists in Lithuania. Thank you very much for your help!!!! If you can, please send this link to your friends, it would help me very much!! ...........NOTES------- -PLEASE when you end filling questionnaire- press at the end GERAI (in Lithuanian it means GOOD), your questionnaire will be submitted!

1. What is your nationality?


    2. What is your permanent country of residence?


      3. How old are you?


        4. What is your gender?

        5. Have you ever been visiting Lithuania?

        A 6. What was your main reason to go to Lithuania?

        A 7. What have you mainly been doing while visiting Lithuania?

        A 8. Where from you got information about Lithuania before going there?

        A 9. Where have you been living (staying) in Lithuania?

        A 10. How much money a day (an average) have you been spending while visiting Lithuania (in euro)?


          A 11. Do you think Lithuania is expensive country?

          A 12. How do you evaluate service of e.g. hotels, restaurants in Lithuania?

          A 13. How do you evaluate transportation service (trains, busses…) in Lithuania?

          A 14. How do you evaluate hospitality of Lithuanian people?

          A 15. How do you evaluate free time entertainment possibilities in Lithuania?

          A 16. What do you think about security in Lithuania?

          A 17. Which of country you liked most of all? (please answer if you have been in all 3 countries)

          A 18. Why did you like this country more?(Please answer if you have been answering question Nr. 17)

          A 19. In what places in Lithuania have you been?

          A 20. What do you think are Lithuanian demerits (disadvantages)?

          A 21. What do you think are Lithuanian merits (advantages)?

          B 6. How much you know about Lithuania? PLEASE ANSWER IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN IN LITHUANIA

          B 7. How much you know about history of Lithuania?

          B 8. How many people are living in Lithuania?

          B 9. What famous places do you know in Lithuania?


            B 10. Where have you heard first time about Lithuania?


              B 11. Do you have plans one day to visit Lithuania?

              B12. What are the reasons why you don’t want to visit Lithuania? (answer if in questions 11 said NO)

              B13.Have you ever seen (inTV, newspaper, magazines) any Lithuanian views or places (where and when)?


                B 14. Do you have any friends in Lithuania?

                B 15. To what groups of countries would you assign Lithuania?

                B 16. Have you ever heard about Vilnius? (if YES what is it?)


                  B 17. What cities in Lithuania would you like to visit?


                    B 18.How do you think services (hotel, cafees) are in Lithuania compared to West European Countries?

                    B 19. How do you think transportation services in Lithuania are compared to West European Countries?

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