The Meaning and the Necessity of Theatre Students' Conferences

The results of the questionnaire seek to explore the meaning and necessity of Theatre students' conferences. The aim is to investigate whether (international) conferences are treated as a learning tool and as an opportunity for improvement.

The results will be used in the Lithuanian Music and Theatre  Academy, Department of Theatre and Film, Arts Management,Theatre Management first year MA student Viktorija Ivanova's term paper writing.

Your opinion is very important as well as the answers!

The questionnaire is anonymousIt will only summarize the published survey data.

Your Age
Your Gender
Your Education
Your Status
In which city have you studied?
Do you think that the quality of theatre studies meets your expectations?
How could you define theatre studies?
Have you ever participated in a theatre students' conference?
Have you ever read a report in a theatre students' conference?
If you've ever participated in an international theatre conference, in which country was it held?
Do you think that theatre students' conference can be regarded as a learning tool?
In your opinion, theatre students' conferences...
The preparation of a report for a theatre students' conference...
Please specify, what do you think are the main obstacles to participate in a theatre students' conference?
Are there enough opportunities for students in your country to participate in theatre students' conferences?

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