Marketing Developing Game Industry

Hello everyone ! I am writing my bachelor thesis on Marketing Developing Game Industry . This survey will be used only in terms of bachelor thesis and nothing else . No personal information is stored  in any kind of form .This survey will take less than 5 minutes of your time . I thank you in advance for your help and cooperation !

What platforms do you commonly use for playing games ?
Do you buy your games ?
where would you consider buying a game ?
What version of the game do you consider buying ?
Do you buy :
If the game has a monthly fee , you :
If a free game you like has a free will donation option , do you donate ?
What sources of information do you use to find out about games ?
What influences your decision to buy a game ?
You usually buy games , when :
If you arent buying games , where do you get them ?
What is your monthly salary ?

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