Hotels' custumers research

My name is Aiste. Now I am writing my bachelor thesis, the topic is: „Hotels' customers analysis“. With relation to my bachelor thesis i am doing RESEARCH OF hotels customers. Thank you very much for your help!!!! If you can, please send this link to your friends, it would help me very much!! ...........NOTES- ------ -PLEASE when you end filling questionnaire- press at the end GERAI (in Lithuanian it means GOOD), your questionnaire will be submitted!
1. It's in the Old Town. 2. It used to be a convent. So I expected peace and quiet, and I got it.
Location was good and price was reasonable
The Glasshouse Hotel is very unusual. Reception is in an old converted church. The rooms are all on the penthouse level on the top of an adjoining building. All rooms have doors out onto a roof terrace with terrific views of the city.