E - Marketing in Social Networks

Hello, I am an Electronic Business Management student. Answers of this survey will be used in my Master Thesis.
The aim of the survey is to research different business communication strategies and their impact on audience’s engagement in company’s activities. Please note, that this survey is relevant for you if you have at least one social network profile.
The survey is anonymous.
Thank you in advance for your answers.

1. Gender
2. Age
6. How much time do you usually spend on social media daily?
7. Are you interested in becoming a "fan" of or following brands through social media sites?
9. Do you ever search for a business’ social media account to research their company?
10. How many posts per week you would like to see from one business company you are following on your social media flow?
11. Please note, which of the following activities have you done.
12. Which forms of post's do you prefer to see on social media?
13. How important do you consider it is for company to use the following activities to engage the customers (1 - not important, 5 - very important)
14. Which of the following company's activities on social media would stimulate you to "unlike", "unfollow" the company's page the most? (please choose 3)

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