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Music in your daily life

I've made this survey to find out:- what music genres people listens- what sound system they use for music- how often people choose live concertsThanks :)

Music preferences

Hello, I'm a student at Vilnius University and I'm doing a project on people's music preferences. The main goal of this project is to find out how musical tastes differ between different age and gender groups. The survey should take a few minutes to complete, all responses will be anonymous and will be used for research purposes only. Thank you for your time!

Lietuviškos muzikos klausytojų susidomėjimas jaunomis grupėmis

Ši anketa yra skirta išsiaiškinti Lietuviškos muzikos klausytojų susidomėjimo lygį jaunomis grupėmis ar atlikėjais , bei kokią įtaką jų gyvenime turi ši muzika? Svarbu pažymėti tai, jog lietuviškos scenos jaunimu mes laikome grupes ar atlikėjus, gyvuojančius ir kuriančius ne daugiau, kaip penkerius metus.

Illegal music downloading. Piracy in the music industry.

In this day and age, almost everyone has at least once downloaded music from the internet illegally, to avoid spending money. We are a group of students who want to analyze this phenomenon and for this we need you to fill out this survey. We can assure you, this information will be anonymous and will not be used in any way against you.