Virtual Reality headsets

Hi! My name is Jaroslav and I'm a software engineering student. The purpose of this survey is to find out what the general interest in virtual/augmented reality is in Lithuania. The survey was made for educational purposes only and is completely anonymous. It won't take longer than 3 minutes to complete. Thanks in advance for your time!

What do you think the future of VR will be (will everyone have a VR headset eventually or will VR fail)?
it will be a niche product
One way or the other VR will flourish
Should be successful if producers would launch a good advertising company.
i dont know
I don't now
Everyone will have it
I don't know.
I see bright future :)
It's only the question of time..
VR headsets will fail, but VR will be successful when it will be made possible without headsets
It will be very popular among young adults and teenagers.
I do not think that VR will fail, but absolutely- not everyone is going to have it.
It will become widely used.
Not everyone will have it
bassicaly i think it will stay in it's place as it's now, some of the people will have it, others just wish for it .
Augmented reality and virtual reality will win
Everyone will eventually own a personal VR headset.
I believe that VR will be successful and, eventually, the majority of the people are going to have it
It depends from price and features it will have
It will be expensive product and availible only for professionals
i'm pretty sure that VR won't fail, however, it's hard to predict how fast will VR advance and gain popularity
I think VR has a bright future.