Virtual Reality headsets

Hi! My name is Jaroslav and I'm a software engineering student. The purpose of this survey is to find out what the general interest in virtual/augmented reality is in Lithuania. The survey was made for educational purposes only and is completely anonymous. It won't take longer than 3 minutes to complete. Thanks in advance for your time!

Have you used a virtual reality headset?Privalomas
Do you own a VR headset?Privalomas
Tick the circle for every device below.Privalomas
Never even heard of itOnly recognize the nameHeard about the features/ specs/release dateVery interested in itPlan to get one/have one
Oculus Rift
Samsung Gear VR
HTC Vive
Microsoft Hololens
Sony Project Morpheus
Google Cardboard
What price range of a VR device would be suitable enough for you to buy one?Privalomas
What will be the most important/exciting applications of VR, in your opinion? (select as few as possible)Privalomas
What do you think the future of VR will be (will everyone have a VR headset eventually or will VR fail)?Privalomas
In what years’ time do you think VR tech will be popular in Lithuania?Privalomas