Student healthy lifestyle habits

We are first-year students of the Faculty of Economics of Vilnius College. We are currently conducting a study on students ’healthy lifestyle habits. The aim of this study is to find out whether the first-year students bankers of the Faculty of Economics of Vilnius College are engaged in any sport or at least follow a healthy lifestyle. This survey will take a few minutes to complete and you will need to choose the correct answer for you. The questionnaire is anonymous and its results will not be made public.

Your gender?
Your age?
Do you like sports?
What sport is your favorite?
Do yo know about healthy living?
Do you often eat fast food?
Do you do any sports when you start studying?
How do you think or have you gained weight while stuidying?
Do you often eat vegetables or salads?
Do you like sweets?
You drink water or sugary drinks more often?
Do you have addictions?
Do you often experience stress?
Are you sleeping well?
What way of leisure is more acceptable to you?