Self-depreciation because of superior people success

Hello, I am Justas Ališauskas , I am doing a research about the self-depreciation because of superior people success. The purpose of this reasearch is to get familiar how other people success infuences peoples psychology and how it affects their well being. The survey is completely anonimous.

Anketos rezultatai yra viešai prieinami

1. How do you define yourself?

2. What is your age?

3. What is your education?

4. How do you feel about other people success?

5. How often do you feel less valuable?

6. Why do you feel less valuable than others?

7. Seeing other people success stories, you think?

8. How often do you want to talk about self-depreciation with someone who understands?

9. Do you agree with me that some kind of service is needed to help people who feels self-depreciated?

10. If you would feel self-depreciated, what kind of service would you use?