Scouse dialect

The aim of this form is to analyse Liverpool (Scouse) dialect as a sign of regional identity
Do you feel any negative attitude towards you speaking Scouse? If yes, please give some examples
shouts to Sertone for the metoinn. Liverpool is defo on the up as a underground music city! You can catch Sertone playing on 7th may 6pm 7pm. respect fromDalema(co-creator of
people think i am skum
Not me personally, apparently my accent isn't very strong but there is a certain stereotype of Liverpudlians as being a bit thick and a bit common that isn't nice.
yes i do most people hear your voice and notice you are a scouser they will treat you different to every one else
ye just because i was scouse some mank started disrespecting me
sometimes, because of jokes your a scouser must be a criminal, etc
yes people say i speak too fast an can never understand some of the words i use
scallys. when theyre like "arrr lad gerrus a bevvie der m8"
no, i rarely leave liverpool
When You Speak Scouse Like People Think You Have Just Robbed Der Ken And Da
When I travel outside Liverpool I find that people will joke about my accent and ask me things like "Do you steal cars?" etc... Often when they ask this they are joking.
Typecast as 'Scallies'.
There's the old jokes about us all being thieves and unemployed. It can be a stumbling block at first, but then can be used as an ice breaker, have the little joke, and then get to know the person for who you really are!!
On the phone to call centres in other countries.
Only that people outside the city sometimes find it difficult to understand me. But I think that's also because I stammer.
People from other regions of the country, like London and other affluent regions tend to look down upon Liverpool and associate the region with poverty and riot's and strikes and thievery!Which is all wrong! Liverpool was at one time the richest region in the UK and is still up there in value for money.The proper Liverpool people are some of the nicest and best people you will ever meet!
Scousers have a negative image to the rest of the country. So some people from other parts of England immediatly think they will be robbed, probably at gun point by a drug addict
No, except people from London who still think we are all ROBBING GITS!
Just the way on television scouse accents sound horrible.
getting a job
only if some one is from manchester and arrogent about it, personally i have no probles with people from manchester of surrounding areas, but some ppl hear me talk in a scouse accent and thats enough to set them off with the "Calm Down" jokes of comments about keeping your doors locked
manchester people are jealous of the way we speak just look at oases trying to sound licke john lennon
Sometimes as people look down on you as common and less intellectual which is completely untrue
sometimes the dialect can make you sound a bit"common" but never negative
Yes, they think all scousers are lying, thieving louts who are all on benefits.
It is my belief that there are two types of scouse accent - the old fashioned scouse, common amongst people 60 or older) which is a derivative of the mix of the Lancashire burr and the Irish immigrants accents (the syntax of certain communities is almost identical to a Dublin suburban syntax - although the accents are different), which is quite soft and pleasant and there is the new modern more abrasive accent which seems to have been learned from Brookside and other TV shows, this has seemingly evolved specifically to sound aggressive. The second kind of accent is more difficult to understand and in many senses is designed to attract a negative reaction and frequently does.
hasn't happened to me but i know of others where it has
Yes, for example when traveling to different countries some people, will make it obvious that they are not a fan of the livepool accent (scouse)
Not really.
yes, thry call us theives and were not loads of people are worse than us they call us lazy when were not.. they say that none of us have jobs but if none of us had jobs we wouldnt be a city would we?
not really
nooooo I love my accent. Our accent has character to it and even tho people make fun of it, everyone smiles when they hear it.
yes there is alot of negativity towards us,ie; people think we would rob you blind and wear shell suits. ha
yh because everyone in england hates scousers
some times yes, stereotyped of course.
yes, because people automatic think that people who talk scouse are thiefs and bad
i dont like the accent myself but im stuck with it.
people from manchester as there has always been a divide. and just generally there is a stereotype of scousers
No, most people ask about liverpool.
Yes, Southerners in particular,
The way i think of it is - 'everyone is different'
yes, only when it comes to football though
Well, when I go for a holiday, sometimes they think I'm a troublemaker, and swearing or so.
Not particularly, some people take the mickey out of our accent, but its the same where ever you come from, like, scouse people may from time to time try to imitate dialects such as Scottish or Mancunian, but its all in good fun, really.
whilst working in the south of the uk, southerners do not trust northeners and i have never personaly had any problems but, have been with freinds who have and refused to be served in shops, watched whils in shops, talked down too! ect