Scouse dialect

The aim of this form is to analyse Liverpool (Scouse) dialect as a sign of regional identity
Anketos rezultatai yra viešai prieinami

Your sex:

What is your age range?

What is your occupation?

How long have you been living in Liverpool?

If you don’t live in Liverpool now, for how long were you living there before you moved?

Do you call yourself a Scouser?

Are you proud being Scouser?

What in particular you are proud of?

Do you agree, that Liverpool football club and The Beatles made Liverpool famous?

What football team do you support?

Do you speak Scouse dialect in an official environment?

If you don’t, please explain why?

Do you find it difficult for people speaking other dialects to understand you?

Do you feel any negative attitude towards you speaking Scouse? If yes, please give some examples

Do you write e-mails or letters in Scouse or you use the standard English?

How would you describe Scouse music style?

Do you like it?

Please, name the most popular musicians or music groups that perform Scouse music?

Is it a popular music style in England?

Please, share your opinion about Scouse as a sign of regional identity