Scouse dialect

How would you describe Scouse music style?

  1. shouts to Sertone for the metoinn. Liverpool is defo on the up as a underground music city! You can catch Sertone playing on 7th may 6pm 7pm. respect fromDalema(co-creator of
  2. the greatest Ive ever heard
  3. rap
  4. I don't think there is a scouse music style, I don't see how you can take say The Beatles and The Wombats for example and draw any common traits based on where they're from.
  5. not sure everyone likes differnt music so not sure
  6. sick!!! :]
  7. there id no scouse music just music that we find sick
  8. Dontt Knoww
  9. Don't understand the question
  10. scouse house
  11. alright
  12. dance/RnB
  13. roots to the irish obviously
  14. :S i dont know... most people scousers listen to the charts + like, lady gaga lol. |:
  15. dance music and MC'ing
  16. Musical
  17. These days I'd say a mixture of musical styles are heard in Liverpool. Obviously in the past the beatles music was very big and it does still get played in Liverpool. The younger kids tend to like dance music but even they still seem to know the words of beatles songs as they are played in the town centre all the time for tourists we have the matthew street festival that has a lot of Liverpool bands playing over the weekend (If you google Matthew Street Festival Liverpool you should be able to get more info on this festival, it's held yearly in Liverpool.)
  18. Diverse
  19. Beatles different to Echo and the Bunnymen, different to Real Thing etc. No real defined 'Style@
  20. Hideous Scouse house musci and the early 2000s rock bands, not too sure on much else. Haven't been there for too long.
  21. ecclectic
  22. awful lol
  23. wateva music we like individually
  24. Beatles
  25. I suppose most bands from liverpool that are successful are influenced in some way by the Beatles.
  26. lively, erratic, enjoyable, enthusiastic. Party attitude, show the love for their fellow man!
  27. jingly Jangly
  28. Indie liverpool bands... La's...Shack...Beatles.
  29. I'd say it varies, like many other cities. Maybe indie pop.
  30. Good, The Beatles for instance rock!
  31. dance, funky, beatles
  32. none existant
  33. I have no idea
  34. just lisen
  35. its very diverse, there isnt just one type of music you could label scouse. in liverpool there is a big indie scene and a big dance scene. you have indie bands such as the zutons and dreat DJs and scouse house is very popular hardcore dance music
  36. i dno
  37. eclectic
  38. i dont identify with scouse music, except "scouse house" which is a type of rave music
  39. Varies, mainly rock/dance
  40. Guitar oriented rhythm and blues with a touch of folk. (I'm not a fan of Scouse House...)
  41. evolving
  42. Boss
  43. there isnt really a style.
  44. fast, flirty and fun
  45. based along the beatles alot of indie and scouse house rap
  46. Unique
  47. im not sure ... thers loads
  48. i dont think there is a particular style, jus a range of different types.
  49. the best
  50. do you mean bands from liverpool?indie,merseybeat, pop,alsorts.
  51. very lively but I think it's due to Irish heritage
  52. great
  53. There isnt one? Scouse house is a joke.
  54. scouse house is amazing and the pleasure rooms is decent
  55. scouse house, mc1in, fast,loud and lots of base
  56. dance music
  57. a mixture it is unfair to stereotype
  58. original and good
  59. Rap, R&B
  60. Individual
  61. Is there one?!
  62. Retro and much like the Beatles
  63. unique
  64. emotional, true, let's it out
  65. Mostly directed towards the rap and MC'ing over the years. Derived from Pop music such as the beatles in the past...
  66. its like any other city! mixed and all ages have there preferences, the students do have a big influance on the things tho, because they bring wih them ideas and styles from home and mix in with here so it grows as people will always copy each other!
  67. dont really know.
  68. original