Research of Lithuanian Image

My name is Karolina. Now I am writing my master thesis, the topic is: „Tourism in Lithuania“. With relation to my master thesis i am doing RESEARCH OF LITHUANIAN IMAGE. With the help of this research i would like to found out, what should be done in order to increase number of tourists in Lithuania. Thank you very much for your help!!!! If you can, please send this link to your friends, it would help me very much!! ...........NOTES------- -PLEASE when you end filling questionnaire- press at the end GERAI (in Lithuanian it means GOOD), your questionnaire will be submitted!
B 10. Where have you heard first time about Lithuania?
Church missionary friends who move to Klaipeda in 2005.
Scotland seem to play Lithuania quite regularly at football, so many years ago!
my grandfather was a lithuanian refugee
a friend of the family's grandparents are from there
At school ... geography, European studies, etc. More recently, in the news because it's an EU Member State
exhibition in Strasbourg
in school, geography class - and when it joined the EU more about lithuania
I had a neighbour from Lithuania a few years ago
Cant remember, long time ago
Cannot remember when I forst heard the name of the country. But the first time I got to know something about the country was in "gymnasiet" in "samfundsfag".
Geography lessons
Watching Basketball
Newspapers, tv
School history many years ago
General news media
from my aunt who was born there
I heard about Lituania after 1990 from the neww, than I found out more from some summer job mates
in Geography class in high school
can't remember
since i was born, my grandfather was born there.
I was born there .
In school
In primary school when the Soviet Union broke apart.
When it gained independence from the Soviet Union
Maps of europe
I once knew someone from Lithuania, she worked with my mum.
I met some Lithuanian people
At school
By sports, I love sports so when I hear about lithuanian players I want to know more of them.
In school, perhaps?
in the news when the soviet union broke down
I have heard about it in relation to soccer and the other Balkan countries
?? Geography lessons in 3rd grade?? Maybe? Long time ago at least
I cannot remember, I just know of the country
From their national football side.
Just know that it is a Baltic country
2000, AIESEC.
on television
elementry school
History lessons in school
From my father. He visited it in the 80s
Olympic Basketball
In grade school geography class.
At school
school, geography.
in school
at the seperation from the ussr in 1991
TV i think
Primary School
In the news
My interest grew due to lithuanian Basketball players!
in geography class
In the school
I studied History and Politics in my degree but had heard of the country during the break up of USSR
When I was in high school geography... a lonnng time ago
in a university of Madrid, Spain, for a good lithuanian friend
When the Estonia ferry sank
TV - Football
during geography lessons at school: when Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania split up from the former Soviet Union
in school
History book about the takeover of Lithuania by USSR in 1939.
When I met lithuanians in Denmark
In relation to other new Baltic states
Don't remember
Eurovision Song Contest :-)
school (history)
news quite a few years back.
Thorn Tree
Eurovision song contest
history lesson
When I went to Latvia and Estonia.
When I first met my Lithuanian friends (2003)
At school, in a geography lesson
at home when I was very little:)
when they were separeted from Russia
At the school, studying capitals of Europe.
football selection
Arvydas Sabonis, for sure! What a legend...
Junior High School
from childhood
from Adam Mickiewicz's poetry
In the school studyind the URSS
I do not remember the fist time. But threw my job I am in contact with Lihauen everyday by e-mail
I have been in Lithuania many times. Fistly, it is transit road to Russia (Kaliningrad). secondly I have a rest in Palanga (many times), Vilnius, Trakai. Shaulai is very good for shopping.
General Knowledge. I like to keep myself updated about happensin the world :-). I have a Lithuanian housemate. So he is my main source of info about the country.
I studied abroad in Norway. There were some Lithuanians students studying there, too.
in the age of 5-6
In Denmark :o)
History class
in geography class. then i met some people on ERASMUS from LT
in internet there are a lot of informations
during of course history lessons
HMm.. i gues at school, during the lessons about union with Poland
historic book
In Sport Edgaras Jankauskas and ivannauskas
through friends
at school, talking about the baltic countries
In Poland
after the colapse of the USSR
history lessons at school, when learning about the end of the ussr
from a friend
In a book from Tom Clancy called 'The Hunt for Red October'. Captain Marco Ramius is of Lithuanian origin. I read that a long time ago, when I was a teen.
When it joined the EU, and from my colleague Simca
India, from a native of Lithuania
in school