QUESTIONNAIRE Career in ITC sector (Lithuania)

Gerb. informatikos sektoriaus studentai/ darbuotojai,

atliekamas karjeros IT sektoriuje tyrimas, todėl jūsų nuomonė yra labai aktuali.

Tyrimas anoniminis, prašome skirti 5 minutes ir užpildyti anketą.


I.You work in enterprise / in the Information Technology (ITC) sectorPrivalomas
II. Your work experience in enterprise / in the Information Technology (ITC) sectorPrivalomas
III.Are you student in the Informatics study program?Privalomas
IV.Your study program now / completed studies:Privalomas
V.Evaluate the statements (please, mark each row):Privalomas
This does not describe me at allThis describes me somewhatThis describes me oftenThis describes me considerablyThis describes me very well
1) I hope to find a greater purpose to my life that suits who I am.
2) I hunger for greater spiritual growth in my life.
3) I have discovered that crises in life offer perspectives in ways that daily living does not.
4) If I could follow my dream right now, I would.
5) I want to have an impact and leave my signature on what I accomplish in life.
6) If necessary, I would give up my work to settle problematic family issues or concerns.
7) I constantly arrange my work around my family needs.
8) My work is meaningless if I cannot take the time to be with my family.
9) Achieving balance between work and family is life’s holy grail.
10) Nothing matters more to me right now than balancing work with my family responsibilities.
11) I continually look for new challenges in everything I do.
12) I view setbacks not as “problems” to be overcome but as “challenges” that require solutions
13) Added work responsibilities don’t worry me.
14) Most people would describe me as being very goal-directed.
15) I thrive on work challenges and turn work problems into opportunities for change.
VI.Your opinion about strategic IT priorities for 2020-2025 (please mark the three most important ones):Privalomas
VII. To what extent have you in the past six months... (please, mark each row):)Privalomas
Almost neverOccasionallyA moderate amountQuite oftenVery often
1) actively sought to design your professional future
2) undertook things to achieve your career goals
3) cared for the development of your career
4) developed plans and goals for your future career
5) sincerely thought about personal values, interests, abilities and weaknesses
6) collected information about employers, professional development opportunities or the job market in your desired area
7) established or maintained contacts with people who can help you professionally
8) voluntarily participated in further education, training or other events to support your career
9) assumed duties or positions that will help you progress professionally
VIII. You live/work in the city (please type)Privalomas
IX.Your year of birth (please type)Privalomas
X.Your marital statusPrivalomas
XI. Your educational attainment level:Privalomas