Oral hygiene

This is a survey about people's oral hygiene and their habits. I'm hoping to get your honest answers and keep in mind - this is an anonymous survey, thank you!
What age group do you belong to?Privalomas
How often do you brush your teeth?Privalomas
What do you think about brushing teeth, is it necessary?Privalomas
What do you think you gain from brushing your teeth?Privalomas
(you can mark several answers)
What type of toohtpaste do you use?Privalomas
(you can mark several answers)
What brand of toothpaste do you use?Privalomas
What influences your decision to buy this brand?Privalomas
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Do you have any idea what toothpastes are made from?Privalomas
What kind of toothbrush do you prefer?
Do different toothbrushes have a different impact on brushing your teeth?Privalomas
How often do you change your toothbrush?Privalomas
Do you use mouthwash?Privalomas
In your opinion, is the mouthwash effective?Privalomas
Please rank how much time and effort do you put in your oral hygiene.Privalomas
(1 - little, 5 - much)