Norwegian Flirting Culture

Hello, I am doing a research for the article related to Norwegian flirt culture.  All the answers will help to understand Norwegians' dating culture, why Norway is called a capital of one-night stands and what is interesting about situation in Volda. 

Šios anketos rezultatai viešai nepublikuojami
What is your age?
Norway is called the country of One-night stand. What do you think about that?
Do you flirt? Why?
Can you see a difference between Norwegians and internationals flirt?
Is going out on weekend the only way to have sex?
Do you try to keep a contact with your parther after One-night stand?
Volda Syndrome (when there are more women than men, what makes men more attractive for women because they have less options). Do you agree with that?
Why Norwegians prefer having sex first than talking with a person?