Most Likely Pathways of Toxoplasma gondii infection

The purpose of this questionnaire is to compare the knowledge of Toxoplasma gondii infection pathways among LUHS Medical and Odontology faculty students of different years.

Your answers will help determine the general attitudes towards keeping and raising pets, understanding of pet borne (zoonotic) diseases that can be passed on to the owner, and knowledge of personal hygiene measures applied to prevent toxoplasmosis.

This questionnaire is anonymous and will not be used to identify you in any way. The data gathered will be processed and presented in a generalized form only.

The questionnaire can take 10-15 minutes to complete.

2. How did you obtain the cat that lives in your home?
The cat came from our neighbours and chose us as it's new owners
I don't have any cats
i don’t know yet
Stray cat in my grandma's house gave birth to kittens so I took 2 kittens home
Born at my mother's home
In the market
I got a cat, when I started dating with my gf
bought from other people
Friends' cat brought kittens, so my mom adopted one
I don't have a cat
Took from local wild cats
Took in a stray and my second cat is from a breeder
Bought from people who didn't have conditions to keep one
From a stranger who couldn't keep the cat
I have 3 cats: 1.shelter 2.born at our home 3. adopted from other people
We got mother cat from breeder and her kitty was born in our home so we have 2 cats now :)
stolen from the neighbor
I would never be ok with animal in my house
No cat
found it outside