LED technology usage for lighting

High energy consumption, climate change, environment pollution - these are the problems which are relevant to all the countries in the world. New technology solutions help to overcome these problems. One of these solutions is the usage of light emitting diodes for lighting. We would appreciate if you would share your experience in the usage of new lighting solutions with us.
1. Which lighting sources (lightbulbs, projector lamps, lamps) are being used in your home?
Note: several answers possible
2. Which appliances that have LEDs installed have you seen?
Note: several answers possible
3. Why do you think the whole world is engaging to use LED technology based lighting solutions (lamps, projectors, ect.) ?
4. Mark the LED characteristics which are most important in your opinion.
Note: several answers are possible
5. Why do you think design engineers always tend to use LED technology based lamps, projector lamps in their designs?
Note: several answers are possible
6. How do you rate your knowledge of LED technology?
Choose from drop down menu. Rate from 1 - Poorly to 5 - Excellent
7. What problems do you help to solve when choosing (using) LED based products?
Write your own opinion
8. Which colours do you think LED is capable of emitting?
Write below which colours you think LED is capable of emitting
9. Do you think it is possible for LED to emit natural day light colour?
10. Which LED manufacturer production do you use?
Note: several answers are possible
11. When do you think LEDs will replace more than 70% of normal lightbulbs?
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12. Are LED technology based products being used in your town for:
Do not knowNot usedUsed rarelyUsedUsed widely
Street lighting
Building lighting
Monuments, memorials
Store indoor lighting
Store outdoor lighting
Museum, theatre lighting
13. Please count down the places where you know LED based technology products are being used?
14. How often do you talk with your friends about new lighting technologies, LED advantages and disadvantages?
15. When using LED based lighting solutions did you noticed the following:
Strongly agreeAgreeI have no opinionDisagreeStrongly disagree
Less energy usage
Less expenses
More enjoyable light
More safe, they use lower voltage, do not contain toxic materials and they do not break
Fairly high price
Small size
Not possible to use in the old lamps
Small choice
Can be used in a wide temperature range
Wide choice of emitted colours
16. Which of the following helped in deciding to use LED technology lighting solutions?
No influenceSmall influenceMedium influenceLarge influenceHuge influence
Interest in new technologies
Smaller LED lamp energy consumption
Possibility to create better lighting
Broader color specter
Wide usage possibilities
Global warming concern
Smaller pollution
Resistance to temperature changes (-40oC +90oC)
17. Do you use LED strips for party decorations?
18. Did you know the following LED lighting solution usage and benefit factors:
Do not know and not interestedDo not knowHeared somethingKnow a littleKnowKnow and am interested
You will consume 4-12 times less electricity
You will reduce pollution to the environment
LED technology is compatible with solar powered cells
In the near future TV screens will be lit by LED emitted light
You can control LED emitted light via controller
LED technology based lamps works 100 times longer than simple lightbulbs
19. Will you use LED products in the near future?
20. What would engage more wider LED technology usage?
No influenceSmall influenceMedium influenceBig influenceHuge influence
More information about new technologies in the news, press, etc.
Lower product prices
Lighting solution advertisements
Various reductions on LED devices
Law enforcing less usage of old lighting technologies
Wider range of LED products
You can add any useful ideas that would engage more wider LED technology usage.
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