Lack of education in the world

Dear Respondent,

We are first-year Finance Study Program students of the Faculty of Economics of University of applied sciences. Your opinion and answers are very important for the research in our project. Please answer the questionnaire below.

The survey is anonymous. The results will be used for scientific purposes only and will not be made public.

1. Your gender?
2. Your age?
3. Your social status?
4. Do you think education is important for every person?
5. Why education is important?
6. In your opinion which country has the lowest level of education?
7. Whether education determines a person's social status in society?
8. In your opinion which country has the highest level of education?
9. How would you evaluate the overall academic experience you had in your life?
10. Assess the importance of these factors for low education?
Money shortage
Lack of learning materials
The exclusion of people with disabilities
Lack of educational institutions
Living in a country in conflict or at risk of conflict
11. What does lack of education lead to?
12. Whether education determines a person’s future