Improvement of service provided by UAB „Pupt”


I am a 3rd year student at Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, Organizational Management. I am currently writing my dissertation and conducting research on the improvement of services provided by UAB "Pupt". The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the services provided by UAB "Pupt" and to present ways to improve them. The survey data will be used for scientific purposes and will not be made public. Thank you for your answers and time!

Šios anketos rezultatai viešai nepublikuojami
1. Your age:
2. How often do you use the services of this company?
3. How do you assess the quality of services provided?
4. Why do you use the services of UAB "Pupt"?
5. What do you consider most when buying a product? (multiple options available)
6. What do you think about the quality of customer service at UAB Pupt? (1 - very bad, 5 - excellent)
7. Have you been disappointed with the service at this company?
8. Objective factors determining the quality of customer service:
Very importantImportantNot very importantNot importantI have no opinion
Staff qualifications
Customer focus
Service culture
Clarification of customer needs
9. Subjective factors determining the quality of customer service:
Very importantImportantNot very importantNot importantI have no opinion
Employee competencies
Personal characteristics of the employee
Sincere concern for customer welfare
Customer trust in the company
10. Evaluate the service quality of UAB Pupt:
Very wellWellOn averageBadVery badI have no opinion
11. Would you use the company's services again?
12. In your opinion, what are the main advantages of UAB Pupt compared to other companies of a similar nature? (multiple options available)
13. What, in your opinion, is the main disadvantage of UAB "Pupt" compared to other companies?
14. Please note up to three characteristics specific to UAB Pupt:
15. What are the biggest gaps in the work of the staff of UAB Pupt? (Several options are available)
16. If you could, what would you change in the customer service area of UAB Pupt?
17. Evaluate the services provided by UAB "Pupt" in a ten-point system: (0 - very bad, 10 - excellent)
The staff willingly and promptly serves the customer
Invoices are submitted on time and correctly
It is easy to contact (call, communicate in person) with the service provider
The company's working hours are convenient for customers
Efforts are made to find out the customer's needs when communicating with him
Knowledge of the specifics of regular customers
Employees have enough knowledge to answer all customer questions
Customers feel safe during their service (confidentiality, data protection)
The change in staff does not affect the quality of the services provided