Fast food



Hello. This is questionnaire about fast food. We are doing project this topic and we need to know what is your opinion about fast food. Please answer the questions below. Thank you for your answers.

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1. Your sex:
2. How old are you?
3. Your education:
4. Do you go to the fast food restaurants? (If your answer is No, please go to the 11th question)
5. Which restaurant do you prefer mostly?
6. How often do you eat at these restaurants?
7. When do you prefer going to the fast food restaurant?
8. You choose fast food restaurants, because...
9. What do you choose in fast food restaurants?
10. You go to these restaurants...
11. Why don’t you go to the fast food restaurants?
12. Do you think fast food has a direct influence on person’s weight?
13. Do you count calories which your food has?
14. Do you know something about fast food and health?
15. When you order your dish, do you read what your dish is made from?