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I usually buy a cheaper product, the origin doesn’t matter then.
I am always keen to try new things out.
I like to stand out from the crowd.
I like to try things that are fashionable worldwide.
I think of myself as fashion-oriented.
c It would be better to be a citizen of the world than of any particular country.
c Our country values are probably the best.
c Any healthy individual, regardless of race or religion, should be allowed to live wherever he wants to in the world.
c Our country should not participate in any international organization which requires that we give up any of our national rights or freedom of action.
c If necessary, we ought to be willing to lower our standard of living to cooperate with other countries in getting an equal standard for every person in the world.
c People from my country have a moral obligation to share their wealth with the less fortunate peoples of the world.
c In the long run, my country will probably benefit from the fact that the world is becoming more interconnected.
c Immigrants should not be permitted to come into our country if they compete with our own workers.
c Our country should permit the immigration of foreign peoples even if it lowers our standard of living.
c Our country should not cooperate in any international trade agreements which attempt to better world economic conditions at our expense.
c People in our country can learn something of value from all different cultures.
c I enjoy trying to understand people’s behaviour in the context of their culture.
c I generally find it stimulating to spend an evening talking with people from another culture.
c I have very little in common with people in underdeveloped nations.
c Foreigners are particularly obnoxious because of their religious beliefs.
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e Lithuanian people should always buy Lithuanian-made products instead of imports.
e Only those products that are unavailable in LT should be imported.
e Buy Lithuanian -made products. Keep Lithuanian working.
e Lithuanian products, first, last, and foremost.
e Purchasing foreign-made products is un- Lithuanian.
e It is not right to purchase foreign products.
e A real Lithuanian should buy Lithuanian-made products.
e We should purchase products manufactured in Lithuania instead of letting other countries get rich off us.
e It is always best to purchase Lithuanian products.
e There should be very little trading or purchasing of goods from other countries unless out of necessity.
e Lithuanians should not buy foreign products, because this hurts Lithuanian business and causes unemployment.
e Curbs should be put on all imports.
e It may cost me in the long-run but I prefer to support Lithuanian products.
e Foreigners should not be allowed to put their products on our markets.
e Foreign products should be taxed heavily to reduce their entry into the LT.
e We should buy from foreign countries only those products that we cannot obtain within our own country.
e Lithuanian consumers who purchase products made in other countries are responsible for putting their fellow Lithuanians out of work.
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I buy only domestic products in this product category(5)I usually buy domestic products in this product category(4)I do not notice if its domestic or foreign(3)I usually buy foreign products in this product category(2)I buy only foreign products in this product category(1)
Meat and its products
Fish and its products
Bread and its products
Dairy products
Snacks (potatoe chips, etc.)