Digital shadow economy: consumer's point of view

17. What measures would prevent you from using digital space to purchace goods/services from illegal supplier?
this is too wide topic, all depends on object in question and the amount of risk. But mai factors are risk (both to loose money and legal liability) a
Give my dates
give more information to people who buy your good/services
Less tax
You must know the site
Impecciones en las empresas sin previo aviso
Decrease the level of taxes in stores
Down tax
More control
Checking that people profiles, the kind of products and also checking if the services which had been done before were good or not at all searching other clients comments
- drecrease the
- drecrease the
Suprimir las páginas web ilegales
Possibility of receive bad things. Like it can be broken
Perfect text
Lower prices and better quality of service from the legal suppliers
The low The tax
More preventions about digital Shadow
Reducing taxes