Assessing Primary School Children in EFL Classes


Thank you for your interest in this research project. I am Gabija Stanevičiūtė, an English Philology third year student from Vytautas Magnus University. For my course paper I am analysing the ways of assessment in English as a foreingn language (EFL) ar primary school. The purpose of this qualitative questionaire is to evaluate which ways of asssessment are most prominantly used in contemporary language teaching. Participation is completely voluntary and the participants can withdraw at any time without any consequence. This survey is completely annonymous and will be used only for our research project. 
If you have any questions, you can contact me via email: [email protected]

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In what city are you currently teaching?Privalomas
Your years of experience in teaching EFL?Privalomas
What is the age group of your students?Privalomas
Which types of assessment do you appy in your EFL classroom?Privalomas
Prefference of assessment: what do you believe to be the most effective way of assessment to measure a students' language competence and why?Privalomas
What are some examples of assessment tasks you use teaching primary school children EFL?Privalomas
What self-assessment apps are you actively using in your EFL classroom? (example- "Kahoot", Plickers")Privalomas
Which type of assessment (formative, summative of self-assessment) is the most stressful for students? Why?Privalomas
Which type of assessment (formative, summative of self-assessment) is the most motivating for students? Why?Privalomas
How do you adapt assessment tasks to the different learning types (visual, auditory, reading/writing, kinesthetic)?Privalomas