AAAccounting factors that influence the level of activity among investors

I am a student at Kaunas University of Technology. Currently I am seeking a masters degree in audit and accounting and the following questionnaire is part of my dissertation. The aim of the research is to determine the economic and accounting factors that influence the level of activity among investors.
Your nationality:
Two foreign countries you invest the most:
Which industries do you invest the most in?
Which financial instruments do you prefer to invest in?
You invest in:
Which economic indicators have the most influence on your decision to invest?(choose one or two ans
Which of the following types of financial information have the most influence on your decision to
Which accounting system is known to you?
In your opinion the accounting system is strongest affected by this environmental factor:
Which factor is the most significant when preparing to invest abroad?
Which of the general accounting practice features are more sensible to you? (mark at least two)
Which changes regarding the comparison of financial statements of different countries did you notice
Which statement do you agree with: (you can mark one or more statements)
Where do you take the financial statements of your target businesses from?
Which part of the financial statement is the most useful?
What are you most concerned with when reading a financial statement?
Do you agree with these statements:
What type of information is lacking in financial statements? (You can choose several statements)
When comparing the financial statements of two foreign countries, which issues cause the most in