„Hunter Restaurant“

My name is Ina Kunceviciene. I studying International Business in the Vilniaus Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences. I am conducting a research project of sales and marketing into „The Hunter Rest“. In order to improve the quality of services provided, we want to know Your opinion about the restaurant and its services. I would be grateful if You can answer a few questions. It will take only a few minutes. Thank You for Your participation, Kind Regards Ina.

Your suggestions...
Better to clean.
Better to clean.
Improve taste.
pa more attention to teenangers
Focus on deserts aswell as food
remember that teenagers are paying customers too
remember teenagers are paying customers aswell
Put chicken fingers, mash, gravy and chips back 5 eur on fridays
Could do with more staff sometimes.
get better staff
more mat's
emplo more cleaners + use different cleaning preduces.
Bigger portions
Lower price
Lower price
Lower price
Change plates.
I suggest you update interior of the restaurant, the background music corresponding to complete a pleasant restaurant style
Kids place, presentations better...