Survey Villages on Move

Dear Students,

In international Erasmus+ Sport project Villages on the Move Network we are interested in students' motivating methods for physical activities in different social and age groups. This is a part of a wide study being conducted in Finland, Lithuania, Belgium and Portugal. Your answers will help us to understand how active you are in comparison with students in other countries. Research will be carried out in the different countries.

Research is anonymous. Thank you for participating!

Contact person: Viktorija Piscalkiene [email protected]

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You are:Privalomas
How old are you?Privalomas
In which country do you live?Privalomas
In what area did you live as a child?Privalomas
What is your study program?Privalomas
During the last 7 days: on how many days and how many hours did you do vigorous physical activities like heavy lifting, digging, aerobics or fast bicycling?Privalomas
Write down hours in total, for example, 8 hours, 26 hours and so on.
During the last 7 days, on how many days did you do moderate physical activities like carrying light loads, cycling at a regular pace or doubles tennis? Do not include walking.Privalomas
Write down hours in total, for example, 8 hours, 26 hours and so on.
How many steps do you normally walk during one day?Privalomas
How do you prefer to exercise?Privalomas
Self-estimated level of competence in physical activity?Privalomas
What types of physical activities do you do for the last 6 months?Privalomas
You can mark several options:
Motivation for physical activity is thought to be a combination of the drive within us to achieve our aims. With this in mind, motivation has the following two forms, intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Mark the answers in each row: Why are you motivated for physical activity?Privalomas
Strongly disagree.Disagree .Agree .Strongly agree .
It is interesting to see my own improvement
So much written and spoken about it in media (internet, TV, Radio)
The person‘s quality of life depends on personal effort
If you start trying to achieve something, you have to go untill the end
I like to experience the joy
I like to do physical exercises
I put effort and seek for excellence
I want to prove that not only others can, but I can too
I do it for my pleasure
I find friends and like-minded
I like to look for discoveries and victories
I want to be healthy
I would like to pass a good example to my family
It reduces stress
It is fun and interesting
It helps my image and self-esteem
I would like to pass a good example to my friends
I want others to see me physically fit