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Lithuanian students’ motivation to travel

Dear respondent, I am Vilnius University, Marketing and Global business 4th year student. Currently I am doing a research with an aim to find out how Lithuanian students’ motivation to travel associates with their destination choices. I kindly ask you to fill this questionnaire for the research. Gathered data will be used in my bachelor thesis only. Your anonymity is guaranteed. It will take up to 6 minutes to answer these questions. Only the honest answers are required. Thank you for your time and honesty.

Survey on hand cream consumption in Lithuania

Hello! We are third course students of marketing and global business in Vilnius University. Based on our studies we are conducting a research about hand cream consumption in Lithuania as we plan to establish new product line. This survey will help us to get aware about people’s habits while making purchase decision of hand cream. Survey should take 5 minutes or less to complete. Your responses will be completely anonymous, therefore do not hesitate to answer it honestly.