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Factors Affecting Customers Satisfaction In Hotel Services

Hello, we are the group of the people, who would love to know every one of your opinion about hotel services quality. In our survey, you will find questions related to your previous experience when staying in a hotel. We just need 3 minutes of your very expensive time and you will get additional karma points and we will get results which we hope should help to improve the service quality in hotels and make your next stay more convenient.  

Viešbučio "Kaunas Hotel" analizė

Sveiki, mes esame Kauno kolegijos, vadybos ir ekonomikos fakulteto pirmakursės studentės ir atliekame viešbučio "Kaunas Hotel" analizę. Būtų labai malonu, jeigu atsakytumėte į pateiktus klausimus. Ačiū.