TRANSITION OF PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES TO FUTURE CAREERS. How can we make the transition process after the retirement easier?

If answered yes to the previous question, please write in a few words what you are currently doing or what you have done to prepare yourself?
high school
For now i work as a sport journalist.
Studying for bachelors degree, also starting a digital marketing company.
I studied (and study) at university, do internships, part-time / free-lance jobs related to my education
Learn new things and see what makes me happy.
I did it after retirement
Getting an education
Education, internships
Getting an education
I'm in undergraduate program to get my degree for prospective job
Im trying to learn other things, such as business and marketing.
Finished high school, graduated from a university, did internships in different fields
Working as a basketball coach in China
I learning very much
I currently coach a high school team and may want to become a full time coach when I’m done being an athlete. I also have discussed career options with my family, friends, and mentors.
Studying at the University to get a job after graduation
I believe the most importart thing is to understand that your athlete carrier is not going to last forever. As you think about it beeing at younger age i believe it might help to prepare mentaly, and in other ways for retirement of athlete carrier. Education of retirement sports should be a thing. How to and where invest earnings not spending all the money you earn while beeing profesional athlete.
Started to work after i got my university diploma.
Working and studying one more bachelor degree
Had couple pretend Job interviews .
Took my university education seriously, did not skip classes, attended outside of university activities
Just studying
I was looking for opportunities what to do in sports sphere after the career, asking for there working people
Training for a half marathon!
Worked a few different jobs, found passion in one and will continue to work in that field
I am working at a pharmacy to have experience in that field.
I completed nursing school and I am now working in a field that I love!
studying at the university
Gaining a lot of experience in different spheres of specialties
I’ve been looking for jobs that relate to my major and recently for back into a grad school for higher education
Graduated from university and got a degree
Continuining my studies and getting another degree.
Going to university, socialising, getting degree and searching for a job
I had a plan after school to study and work
Education, interaction with others, internships