Sportswear buying habits

This quick survey was made for a statistical project. Thank you for your answers.

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1. You are:Privalomas
2. Your age:Privalomas
3. Where do you live? Write the name of the town.Privalomas
4. How often do you buy sportswear?Privalomas
5. How much do you spend on sportswear per year?Privalomas
6. Which brand do you prefer?Privalomas
7. Write the name of your favorite brand if it’s not mentioned.
8. Where do you usually buy sportswear?Privalomas
9. What is your primary purpose of buying sportswear?Privalomas
10. How would you evaluate each criterium?Privalomas
Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree
10.1 When buying sportswear quality is the most important for me.
10.2 When buying sportswear, I firstly look at the price.
10.3 When buying sportswear, I am mostly influenced by the design.
10.4 When buying sportswear, I firstly look at the brand’s name.