Self-depreciation because of superior people success

Hello, I am Justas Ališauskas , I am doing a research about the self-depreciation because of superior people success. The purpose of this reasearch is to get familiar how other people success infuences peoples psychology and how it affects their well being. The survey is completely anonimous.

6. Why do you feel less valuable than others?
Because other people can afford more bomžpakis
I don't
Because I keep comparing. There is always someone who is going to be better or worse.
For example in work: the difference in our payment like woman vs men. Till this day the difference is still huge which is not fear
Mostly I compare my success to others. That lets me down most of the time as I feel that I could do more towards achieving my goals
Because everyone appears to have things figured out until you get to really know them, especially on social media.
I don’t.
I dont feel much less valuable. I think I am doing good in any kind of work I am doing and people respects my work and my valuables.
I’m just unlucky, simple as that.
I can always do better, but I am not capable or not trying hard enough.
To be honest, I just get random waves of sadness once in a while for no reason.
Because I contribute to life not as much as could.
i dont feel as clever as other people are. They also look easy going and very opem minded which usually leads to success.
I don’t know
I usually dont
Because other people are doing better than me, have more money.