Scouse dialect

The aim of this form is to analyse Liverpool (Scouse) dialect as a sign of regional identity
Please, share your opinion about Scouse as a sign of regional identity
shouts to Sertone for the metoinn. Liverpool is defo on the up as a underground music city! You can catch Sertone playing on 7th may 6pm 7pm. respect fromDalema(co-creator of
Passion toward Liverpool FC
it should be a religon ..
I think it's nice to feel part of such an individual city that has a very strong sense of it's own identity. The accent is very distinct and it does unite us.
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dunno wa dis meens lad xx
I donT Knoww woT thaa Meanss
i beleive it brings us all togther and makes people proud to live in liverpool
Everyone knows a scouser and you can recognise the accent in an instant.
cilla black
everyone knows where were from
Scouse Is Sound
Different regions of England al have their own regional identities, for example London, Birmingham and Manchester. I'd say that scousers are very proud of their identity, there is a sayin in Liverpool "We're not English we are scouse" and I think this shows that scousers see themselves as having a different identity to the rest of England. There are people who would say that Liverpool is a dangerous place and who look down on people from Liverpool, I would say this is maybe why scousers see themselves as having a strong identity apart from the rest of England. I hope this helps.x
I love being a scoucer but some scouses I don't like being associated with, that I am sure happens with all areas and cities. We get a bad press
The "Scouse language" is the most obvious way of showing where your from. However, I don't personally use that much actual Scouse words. The accent is what I've got. I've been away and lived with different people from the UK and now I'm in Korea, people from all over the world. However, no matter where I've been, people can tell I'm from a little part of a little country. People know my city, and that's something to be damn proud of!
cuz we hav conversations and people will be like wa ?? and they cnt understand us sumtimes
Easily recognisable because of tv use and the famous football club and beatles world wide.
Liverpool is a very cosmopolitan city, but it is particularly strongly influenced by it's Irish links, especially in the accent. I've even heard people utter the phrase "We are not English. We are Scouse." That's a fair reflection of the way some people think, but I wouldn't go that far, personally.
Unfortunately as i mentioned early, a lot of other regions think scousers are bad people "scum". I just like to think we are up front, speak are minds rather than hold back, sometimes that has backfired on Liverpool in the past! We are a proud region, with are heritage and social communities and moral believes.We stick together! I'm proud to be a scouser! Thanks, and good luck with your coarse!
Liverpool before England
Well, where ever you are in the world people know the scouse accent and know you are from Liverpool Uk.
Scouseland is amazing!
It's very good
you can tell instantly that someone is from liverpool no matter were in the world u are from
Scouse in unique people from liverpool are proud of that fact although it may have other ppl and their adverse opinons against them 4 it
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i think that as a regional identity it is unique in england. many people from abroad dont realise that we are english from our accents. im very proud to be scouse because it will always give me an identity where ever i am in the world
It is good as you can create conversation and people look at you as more creative and women consider you more of a lads lad and fun.
love it, liverpool is whaer we come from and scouse is what we are
scouse accent is strongly identifiable. depending on which area of liverpool you come from it can range from slight accent to strong accent
Underestimated, misunderstood
Liverpool has a strong sense of community and the Scouse accent is almost like a passport to be accepted as part of that community wherever you are in the world. It is unique and quite distinct from all other accents - if I was in a bar in Sydney, New York, Bankok and I heard a scouse accent across the room, I would feel quite welcome (if inclined) to introduce myself and be recognised and accepted as one of the scouse family.
it defines us as... a's ours and hard for others to copy properly
Again I think the question, emplying that scouse is a regional identity is wrong as its not, its bascially one of the most beauitful accents around the world and i'm fucking glad to be a scouser ! larrrrr
Haaa Boss
it is an extremely important sign and therefore needs to be retained
We're not English, we are Scouse
i think most scousers are proud to be scouse and would be happy to be known as 'scouse' instead of 'english' etc. scousers are mainly laid back and generally nice, fun people. 'scousers have more fun!' i think many scousers are proud of their accent and where they come from and will not try to change to fit the situation. take us as you find us :P
I think it stands out. And we get stupid sterio types tagged onto us but it isn't true for us all, we have a name for them types, scallys.
our accent identifies the region we are from as surrounding area's are not as broad. I hope this has been helpful to you. good luck.
its brilliant
Im proud of my region and would never disguise my voice to avoid being labeled.
scouse is the best accent and liverpool is the best place to live, i could dream of living newer eles
i love my city and i love my club. enough said :)
every area has a regional identity and it is unfair to stereotype
I find that people often have a stereotype in their head about Liverpool. They try and copy the accent, make jokes about stolen cars and generally take the micky. But it's ok because us Scousers have a good sense of humour and we can take it and then give it back!
I think the accent is know all around the world to be honest and it is almost like a regional identity. I'm not sure it is liked everywhere though because of the simple minded stereo typists
In my opinion, I think Liverpool/scouse people are the most individual people on the planet(not being biased), just through how uniwue and diverse such a small place can seem so big
I'm happy to be one!
Scousers Rock End Of!
proud, funny, honest, and loyal! but like any other city it has a percentage of "Scallys" (peopel who let everyone down and will only care for themselfs!)
cos of the history!
i am instantly recognised as a scouser everywhere i go in great britain,but people have identified my accent in spain and america