Scouse dialect

The aim of this form is to analyse Liverpool (Scouse) dialect as a sign of regional identity
Please, name the most popular musicians or music groups that perform Scouse music?
shouts to Sertone for the metoinn. Liverpool is defo on the up as a underground music city! You can catch Sertone playing on 7th may 6pm 7pm. respect fromDalema(co-creator of
Johann Scouse
The Beatles, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Wombats.
the zootons the kooks the boweevles and space
rapin people
haha dunno larr
donT Knoww
flo rida, dizzie rascle ect.
The la's The Zutons John Power (the La's)
the beatles... zutons? pleasure rooms? LOLOL D:
anton powers, ian longo, liam irwin, tom buck, alex k, outsource
The Beatles
Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The farm, Zutons, Echo and the bunny men, etc...
Coral The Music
don't know
wudnt know
beatles zutons
Beatles, Billy fury, lightning seeds.
The Beatles,The Searchers, Gerry & the Pacemakers Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Echo & The Bgunnymen, China Crisis, The Zutons, The Coral
The Beatles, obviously! The Lars The Coral James Echo and the Bunny men
The Zutons Cast Las
La's, Shack, Real Thing, Beatles.
The Zutons
The Zutons, The Beatles
Beetles my music knowledge is not very good
Beatles, wombats
the zutons, eaton road, the beatles, loads of scouse djs
The wombats, beatles, and barnsey of corse
The Zutons, The La's
The Beatles The Las Cilla Black The Boo Radleys Cast The Coral Echo and the Bunnymen Billy Fury Gerry and the Pacemakers Frankie Goes to Hollywood The Icicle works The Lightening seeds The Zootons Teardrop Explodes Flock of seagulls Space and many more....
80's buff so d.o alive frankie etc
I dont think Scouse music is very appropriate but The Beatles are the most famous, for bringing a different genre to the city.
Probably Club am Not really sure tho
rave music, oasis ( real )
beatles artic monkeys pleasure rooms bands like killers, kings of leon and rappers like eminem and dizzy rascal
The Beatles, The Coral, The Maybes? The Zutons, Echo and the Bunnymen, Shack.
beatles most famous. i dont really no of any others
the beatles
The beatles,the wombats,the zutons,frankie Goes to hollywood,dead or alive and many many more
DJ Paul O H, Pleasure rooms
stryctly vibez
the beatles, the la's, china crisis.
the Beatles
The beatles, the zutons, the wombats
The La's The Coral The Beatles The Albany
the coral, cast, the la's, space, frankie goes to hollywood,the lightening seeds, the beatles, space,
dno...erm MC's n dat
I see it as Dance music has a particular strong scouse source, i.e. vocal house, or heavy house
Don't know what you mean by Scouse music. If you mean musicians from Liverpool then probably The Beatles, The Zutons, Cast
The Beatles and a few new coming bands in the clubs in the city centre. (I can't remember their names)
Beatles, echo and the bunnymen, wombats, lightning seeds
Bad Manners, some of Beatles.
Ian Redman (Ultrabeat) The Beatles, Atomic Kitten, Pleasure rooms DJ's...
i like all indi bands and old style too, very mixed
a band from wigan. "The verve"
the beatles