Scouse dialect

The aim of this form is to analyse Liverpool (Scouse) dialect as a sign of regional identity
If you don’t, please explain why?
shouts to Sertone for the metoinn. Liverpool is defo on the up as a underground music city! You can catch Sertone playing on 7th may 6pm 7pm. respect fromDalema(co-creator of
I don't like football!
woman that does not like football
In my experience you do get a lot more respect if you put on your best telephone voice!
I just talk my accent is not strong these days but I still use dialect
People find it difficult to understand sometiems
When you are talking to the director of your company what needs to come out of your mouth is....Good Morning Director ...NOT...Alrite kidda ows it goin??!!!
It's hard for some people to understand, also some people may look down on me and think I'm "common"
I've never really picked up the accent/
I do, but tone it down and speak more slowly
use it in my place of work but it's not what i would call an official enviro
It's horrible.
because of serio types think wrong things about liverpool
It is sometimes hard for people to understand especailly when we talk fast
I'm a teacher working in another part of the country - the kids wouldn't understand me!
I speak in a scouse way but i never speak slang even in an unofficial environment
Not completely, because some people won't understand.
I dont have a strong acent? and was taught to speak corectley! working for the company i work for it would not be acetpible! too common! snobbie i now! but that is how it really is here!
i might have some dialect, but i can't really hear it. My father has worked all over the world, so his dialect has been much more international. And i also live in Norway.
scouse dialect changes all the time people wo are unfamiliar with it dont always understand