Scouse dialect

The aim of this form is to analyse Liverpool (Scouse) dialect as a sign of regional identity
What in particular you are proud of?
shouts to Sertone for the metoinn. Liverpool is defo on the up as a underground music city! You can catch Sertone playing on 7th may 6pm 7pm. respect fromDalema(co-creator of
I support the greatest football club in the world
football club and the ackcent
Our strong sense of identity, community and loyalty. The fact that if some tragedy happens we unite as one in support. I think that's pretty unique. Plus our sarcastic sense of self deprecating humour makes Liverpool a warm,fun place to live.
my family and the people around me
my family and the people around me
the way we all stick together and if any1 messes wif us we will smash de ed in
being unique and we have humor and the poeple
I am proud to be a scouser because when I was a young woman, lots of pop groups in the top 20 where from Liverpool. Liverpool was buzzing.
the accent, sense of humour and the way everyone sticks together!
Proud of the people. We are friendly and look on the bright side of life.
people are lovely (mostly) here, + helpful + well dressed + stuff :3
the people
Being scouse
Our wonderful city and people. It is a friendly place to live and strangers will stop and chat and have a laugh with you.
My family have lived in liverpool since the 1600 I't my home
Its my home town, centre of the Universe, Jesus Christ was born here...
sense of humour. Down to earth values.
The city and the football team liverpool fc
bein a scouse and knowin that i dnt hang rnd on the strrets like every1 thinks we do
Cultural heritage
The great architecture. Particularly the two Cathedrals.
The Liverpool people! Us scousers are a very agreeable lot and are easy to get on with, and i think we are one of the funniest regions in the country.
Scouse attitude
Our sense of humour. Scousers know all the tricks in the book, so you cant kid us with lies and blag!! We will look after you if you look after us!
The friendliness
Living in Liverpool
our heritage
The history and heritage of where my family come from and thatthe route of it all is liverpool
Our buildings, heritage and culture.
funny people LFC @EFC football clubs
the city, the people are very friendly and funny, great football teams. everything about liverpool is great
The football club and dialect which is popular abroad
Liverpool has a great community spirit and scousers on the whole have good hearts.
the fact that were ever you may go in the world you will never find friendlier people willing to help in any way ,thats what makes a scouser
The city has achieved so much with football, music, arts and the city of culture
My family: how kind, decent, and hardworking they are. How they will always be there for another member of the family whenever they are needed and how much they care for each other.
the feeling of community wherever you are part of a huge extende family
The entire city !
Our ascent and sense of humour
the people r friendly, real and funny.but we take no crap off anyone, we r wise and shrewd
people attitude humour
Being Scouse
im not sure :/ i think to be part of such a great comunity i guess somthing along toose lines
everything :D
The footie team (LFC NOT EFC). The accent, when i go to other citys and talk to people they know I'm from liverpool without me telling them. The great buildings in the city centre. That we take so much stick from other citys and we take it as a joke. And dont cry on about political correctness and sue people. And just that we are so cool. *tumbs up*
we are great friendly people with a great sense of humour and always willing to help other people
my scouse language and the city
humour we all get along look out for each other Legends Scouse (IE broth)
living in liverpool and being scouse
the people
The community, way of life, love, friendship and city centre and nightlife
the history of our city and my football club liverpool fc.
The loyalty that the city has to each other and the diverse heritage.
The city. Its beautiful. Its got everything. I got to Birmingham alot for work, its 4 times the size but its shit. No nightlife. Nothing compares to Liverpool
having a really big scouse family.
The fact of b'in a scouser.
Our cultural heritage and strong sense of identity
Although there is some horrible people that call themselves scousers, there are some generally nice people :')
The heritage of my wonderful home city!
The city of Liverpool i.e. the architecture and the heritage.
the accent, the football clubs, the individual aspect of being well known just from being from Liverpool
Our way of life, our customs and hospitality towards eachother.
the culture and the close family ties, sence of humour and the abilty to cope with anything that gets thrwn at you, you just smile and get on with! never letting things get out of control
My father calls me scouswegian;) Im proud to be a part of a place that reflects my way of being.
friendliness of people, scouse sense of humour,liverpool fc,diversity,culture,architec ture,the beatles