Online marketing - the easiest way to sell a product?

This questionnaire is about online marketing. I want to know how much information students know about it, are they interested in buying online, are they interested in online ads, what are they thinking about online marketing future. However I think that students are too little informated about online marketing. I think that they thought that online marketing is the easiest way to sell a product.
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Do you heard anything about Online marketing?Privalomas
Do you like or dislike online advertisements?Privalomas
Do you know why internet advertising can fail one day?Privalomas
Do you agree that online ads are good form to advertise product?Privalomas
Do you know any type of internet business?Privalomas
Do you know any website of shopping online?Privalomas
Have you ever bought on the internet?Privalomas
Online shop is good solution for every shop, isn't it?Privalomas
Do you agree with idea that online shopping is future technology?
Do you think that online marketing and E-marketing are synonyms?Privalomas
Online marketing is future technology?Privalomas
Is it possible that every shop would be online?Privalomas