Lithuanian students’ motivation to travel

Dear respondent, I am Vilnius University, Marketing and Global business 4th year student. Currently I am doing a research with an aim to find out how Lithuanian students’ motivation to travel associates with their destination choices. I kindly ask you to fill this questionnaire for the research. Gathered data will be used in my bachelor thesis only. Your anonymity is guaranteed. It will take up to 6 minutes to answer these questions. Only the honest answers are required. Thank you for your time and honesty.

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1. Are you Lithuanian student who currently studies in Lithuania?
2. Do you travel abroad at least once per year?
3. To which destination from the above you would consider of going?
4. Please evaluate these factors' importance when deciding to go on a holiday
1 not important at all2345678910 very important
Being physically active
Meeting people of the opposite sex
Finding thrills and excitement
Rediscovering myself
Experiencing new and different lifestyles
Trying new food
Visiting historical places
Meeting new people
Doing nothing at all
Getting a change from a busy job
Going places my friends have not been
Talking about the trip
Rediscovering past good times
Visiting my family came from
Visiting friends and relatives
Being together as a family
Getting away from demands at home
Experiencing siplier lifestyle
Feeling safe and secure
Being entertained and have fun
Feeling at home away from home
Seeing as much as possible
5. Please evaluate factors given below, why do you consider of going to the destination you have chosen in the question number 3. (Asia, North America or South Europe)
1 not important at all2345678910 very important
Modern cities
Exotic atmosphere
Live theaters and concerts
First class hotels
Low budget accommodation
Wide spaces to get away from crowd
Variety of activities to see
Managable size
Reliable weather
Personal safety
Outstadning scenery
Mountainious areas
Quality beach
Interesting and friendly local people
Different culture
Historic old cities
Reliance and privacy
Nightlife and entertainment
Local cuisine
Water sports
6. What is your age?
7. What is your gender?
8. What is your education (currently studying)?
9. What is your field of studies?
10. What is your average monthly income?