Evaluation of service quality in climbing centre

Dear Respondent,

I am a senior student of Sport's Recreation and Tourism in Lithuanian Sports university. At the moment, I am working on a research for my final paper. This research aims to evaluate service quality in climbing centre „Miegantys Drambliai“.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed, because this survey is anonymous. Your name and other personal details will not be requested in the survey. The results of the study will be published only in a summary form.

Thank you for your time.



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Your gender:
Your age:
Your social status
How often do you visit climbing centre "Miegantys drambliai"?
In your opinion, is the climbing center capable of delivering the service it promises?
Rate the statements related to the reaction of the climbing center staff:
Wants to perform the service accurately
Wants to help clients
In your opinion, does the climbing center staff provide these guarantees?
Totally agreeAgreePartially agreeTotally disagreeDisagree
Competence - having the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the service;
Respect - courtesy, respect, attention and friendliness in communication;
Trust - reliability, persuasiveness and integrity of staff;
Security - the absence of danger, risk and doubt.
Rate the statements related to the climbing center staff communication:
Access - accessibility and easy communication;
Communication - providing information and listening to the client in clear language;
Customer awareness - effort to know your customers and their needs.
How do you evaluate the quality and cleanliness of the climbing center inventory/equipment:
In your opinion, what would improve the services of the climbing center?