Change in consumer shopping behavior when shopping on Amazon against Covid-19 and onset the Covid-19 pandemic

The survey aims to analyze the change in consumer purchases on the Amazon platform before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it changed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How often did you shop online before COVID-19?
What do you usually buy online?
What was the average amount you spent per month shopping online before Covid-19?
Which is your favorite online store? (choose few)
Do you order goods from the Amazon?
Did you start buying online more often during the pandemic?
Did you start shopping more often on Amazon when the COVID-19 pandemic started?
How many times you shop online every month after the Covid pandemic started? (eg. 1-2)
If your spending online increased, by how much on average?
Have you started shopping more often on the Amazon?
What priorities do you set for the Amazon platform: (choose few)
Are you a loyal Amazon customer
Are you still planning to shop on Amazon after the COVID-19 pandemic ends?:
Did the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic affect emotional purchasing?
Has COVID-19 had an impact on money savings?
Did you have to reduce your purchasing needs during the pandemic?
Did you start searching for cheaper goods more often after COVID-19 pandemics started?
Is Amazon related to cheaper goods for you?
Did you choose the Amazon online store during the pandemic as a store for cheaper goods?