Can Can pizza restaurant

Dear respondents,

First of all, we want to thank You for your participation in this questionnaire.

We are third grade students from Vilniaus University of Applied Science and the aim of this survey is to analyze the Can Can pizza restaurant's management in AKROPOLIS, Vilnius.


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Your montlhy salaryPrivalomas
Have you ever been in Can Can pizza restaurant?Privalomas
@ AKROPOLIS / If NO thank you for your answers!
How often do you visit Can Can?
In one year period
Approximately how many minutes did you wait before you were seated?
How was the menu?
Did you find a large variety of meals?
Was there a server to take your order quickly?
Was the server friendly and patient when taking your order?
How long did you wait for your meal?
Did you enjoyed your food?
How was the interior?
Is it easy to notice special offers?
Was the dining quality worth your money?
Overall was the service good?
What should Can Can restaurant improve?
Please write your opinion