Advertising on the Internet

This survey is about advertising on the internet. People give their opinion about ads
1.How frequently do you click on ads?Privalomas
2.Which type of ad is the most irritating for you?Privalomas
3.Which type of ad do you think is the most effective on the Internet?Privalomas
4.Do you read spam emails?Privalomas
5.What do you think about the amount of ads on the internet?Privalomas
6.Would you advertise something on the internet?Privalomas
7.Do ads on the Internet actually make you buy something?Privalomas
8.Would you put ads on your personal website?Privalomas
9.Do you use ad-blocking software on your computer?Privalomas
9.1 If yes, the why?
10.What kind of ads are most unnecessary?Privalomas