4th international tourism and active leisure exhibition ADVENTURE 2016 participants survey. 

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The name of the participating company:Privalomas
Telephone number:
E-mai address:
Purposes of participation in the exhibition and were they successfully achieved?Privalomas
Positive image support, development in a specific market
Sales promotion
Introduction of a new product service to the market
Market research
Diffusion of the information about Your services and products
Would you recommend colleagues, business partners and friends to participate in “ADVENTUR”?Privalomas
From 1 (definitely no) to 10 (definitely yes)
Did the participation at the exhibition „ADVENTUR“ meet your expectations?Privalomas
Define from 1 (Definitely No) to 10 (Definitely Yes)
Comments about how did the participation at the exhibition „ADVENTUR“ meet your expectations:Privalomas
How many potential clients were visited/registered by your company at this Fair?Privalomas
How many relevant contacts have you established with other exhibitors?Privalomas
Have any contacts been established at the exhibition which could develop into useful co-operation agreements?Privalomas
Could you give your estimation on following:Privalomas
from 1 very bad/low to 5 very good/high
No. of visitors
No. of participants
Visitors’s competence
Prospects after the exhibition
Stand arrangement
Place of the stand
Personnel of „ADVENTUR“
Exhibition „Adventur“ in general
Your comments on the „ADVENTUR“ 2016 :Privalomas
What determines successful participation in the exhibition, according to you?Privalomas
Would you participate in the NEXT EVENT “ADVENTUR“ 2017”?Privalomas